Honor & Folly: Guest Perspective

Detroit, Michigan
01.31.2012 | by: Meghan

My weekend guests at Honor & Folly were in town from Chicago visiting Detroit for the first time. Of the super-creative, multi-talented group, one is a professional photographer who sent over these images of their trip. I know what my Detroit looks like, but it’s always fascinating to see what other people find interesting and beautiful. Check out his wife Karen’s travel blog for her take on the Conservatory at Belle Isle–one of my favorite places in the city. Their friend told me later it has a Great Expectations-like quality–“kind of creepy and desolate but in a really enchanting way.” I tend to agree. If you stay at Honor & Folly in the spring, summer or fall, I will very likely send you there with a picnic basket. You will thank me.


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  1. great photos! i want to go to belle isle next visit.


  2. i visited detroit for the first time last year–and left, like many others, enchanted and curious. as a preservationist, i was interested in the great and humble architecture scattered around the city–and the incredibly rich and complicated narrative revealed–there are markers of this everywhere. it’s hopeful to see this new chapter in detroit’s history… for the people who have always called it home, and for the more recent transplants who have offered a new perspective, and an almost pioneer-like spirit. beyond the ruins (which i think has become a bit of a dubious tourist attraction)… there is a lot to do and see (i especially enjoyed MOCAD–and the scarab club… and DIA)! i really enjoy your blog–and would love to stay at your inn the next time i am in detroit. all the best to you!


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