Check In: Into the Wild Round-Up

Hotels built into the landscape
12.01.2010 | by: Meghan

A pretty view of the mountain range from your hotel room is nice, but maybe nicer if your hotel was actually one of the peaks? Enter the landscape immersion trend: architecturally significant hotels that are built right into the natural landscape. Long and flat feats of sculpted glass are planted in the far-out fields of a national park; individual, free-standing modules constructed directly into a rocky cliff; experimental mansions built into steep, sloping terrain overlooking the Great Wall of China. And the more rugged, sprawling and treacherous the landscape, the better. Most of these places have an off-grid, adventure-spirit spin, but make no mistake: it’s all about luxury inside. There will probably be a chair by Karim Rashid and a hot tub with a vertigo-inducing view.


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