Look: The Honeywell Farm

Somewhere Upstate, New York
11.15.2010 | by: Meghan

I went to Brooklyn this weekend, and Amy Merrick from An Apple a Day and Design Sponge fame sent me to Moon River Chattel for the sweetest antiques mixed with utilitarian goods like glass door knobs, industrial lamps, hemp linens and natural canvas aprons. I could have just moved right in.

Suddenly, a flash back: the Moon River owners’ amazing (and seriously covet-inducing) second home in upstate New York. The former dairy farm is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Honeywell Farm’s interiors are intentionally rough-hewn and rustic and pared-down. And completely enchanting. I love homes that aren’t renovated into soulless, unrecognizable transformations, with no trace of past lives. This place feels important somehow–the layers of wallpaper peeling away, revealing stories–as if the house is the character, and the owners are its stewards. They don’t rent it out or anything, but just looking at it feels like a vacation. More photos in Amy’s flickr set.


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  1. Lovely post and you’re so right- this place exudes charm and gorgeous history!


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  3. Lovely house. We lived in upstate NY for three years…I think I may have seen this house before. It looks familiar. Or maybe one that was similar.


  4. Does anyone know where the amazing sink is from??


  5. Absolutely beautiful


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