Stay: Avalon

Rocky Hills, Tasmania
05.23.2011 | by: Meghan

Jessica Lillico, the blogger behind the creative travel site Skip Town (where she focuses on documenting travel experiences with photography), recently stayed at this beautiful modernist glass house on the rugged east coast of Tasmania. Here, Jessica gives designtripper a special report:

After a 90 minute drive from Hobart through bushland, country towns and finally, the winding coastline of eastern Tasmania, we arrived at Avalon. This glass-enclosed designer retreat is no secret to locals, and has been quietly doing it’s thing for around five years now (and picking up a bunch of awards in the process). Designed by architect Craig Rosevear, it makes an instant impression, perched on a headland overlooking Great Oyster Bay with the rolling shapes of the Hazards visible in the distance. It’s the kind of place where you don’t feel the need to go anywhere because the view is so compelling, but if you want to, the nearby sea-side town of Swansea and Freycinet National Park make excellent diversions.

The day we visited the weather was overcast with temperamental showers blowing through from time to time. The sea was grey, the sky was grey, and the manager, Alison, kindly lit the fire for us. That’s the best thing about Avalon: the way the wild exterior and the modern interior meet. Later on, we wandered down a narrow, worn track to the secluded beach at the base of the hill. If you want to, there are wetsuits and boards provided to guests, but we were content to scramble over rocks and admire the washed-up shells.

The Details:
Avalon sleeps six, provides a fully stocked kitchen and, impressively, you can even summon your own private chef if the mood strikes (they don’t keep him in the cupboard or anything; he’ll drive over from Swansea!). There’s lot’s of natural produce available near Avalon, including Kate’s Berry Farm.

[All photos by photographer Sean Fennessy]