Designtripper explores the intersection of travel and design with genuine curiosity and good taste. We put authenticity, character, and thoughtful design before hi-definition plasma TVs, iPod docking stations and in-room jacuzzis. We promise never to tell you the thread count of bedding, and we don’t care what celebrity slept in what room. Aside from showcasing indie/boutique/family-owned/design/artist-designed hotels, motels, inns, B&Bs, lodges, ryokans, riads, hostels, treehouses and, yes, even tricked-out tents and campervans, designtripper also focuses on the speedily growing network of for-rent vacation homes, apartment, villas, and haciendas. If you’ve ever sifted through 1,765 ho-hum listings for a house to rent in Mexico, then you already understand the value. But make no mistake: We are not brokers. We do not handle your reservations, book your plane ticket or make your bed in the morning. We tell the story of that 200-year-old family-owned hacienda a dirt path from the beach that looks far more interesting and chic than any five-star resort. Or a French country house nestled in a field of lavender, an urban flat above an old-school pub with a single beer on tap and a boarding room upstairs, or a rustic one-room cabin decorated with found objects and art that sits at the edge of an organic farm. We inspire you to see the world through someone else’s home.

We also love food and kids, so expect to see occasional posts dedicated to those two travel categories as well.



Meghan McEwen started designtripper for two very simple reasons: 1. She loves looking inside other people’s homes, especially their second ones*, and she’s perpetually planning her next trip. Having spent an exorbitant amount of time researching (and obsessing over) interesting, independent places to stay, it seems like a terrible waste to not share the findings. 2. She thinks the intersection of travel and design is a common crossroads. **

Former editor-in-chief of the design magazine CS Interiors, Meghan is now a freelance travel and design writer, whose work has appeared in Travel + Leisure, The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Budget Travel, Cookie Magazine, and others.

* There’s something tremendously compelling about a space created for unplugging, slowing down, enjoying life. People seem more experimental, less rigid to a particular style, thriftier, more comfortable with their own tastes.

**Also, people who are passionate about travel tend to have open minds and really good stories. And generally speaking, people are nicer when they’re on vacation. She’d like to inspire people to be nicer.

UPDATE: After the year anniversary of designtripper, Meghan was so inspired by the creative places she was writing about that she decided to open a b&b of her own in Detroit. Decorated with furniture and objects by local designers, Honor & Folly is a two-bedroom apartment in the oldest neighborhood in Detroit. It will also serve as a part-time shop, cooking school and multifunctional creative space.


Alexandria Abramian-Mott is a nationally recognized interiors writer for The LA Times, LA Interiors, Wallpaper and House Beautiful.

Husband-and-wife photographers Andrew and Gemma Hart Ingalls travel the world taking beautiful photos of their food and travel discoveries. Their blog, The Epicures, is a must-bookmark. Favorite trip: Patagonia for “the vast beauty of the wide-open spaces and variety of landscapes.”

Co-founder Kelly Flamos, who is also the founder of the amazing nonprofit The Poultry Project, contributes make-a-different posts from time to time about how design, travel or the intersection of both can effect change and create more goodness in the world.

Creative director at Rue La La and co-founder of Glossed and Found, Boston-based Graham Kostic is an obsessive traveler with a discerning, quirky eye.

Ben Lambers is half the creative husband-wife team behind Studio Aandacht–a brand, concept, styling and design shop in Amsterdam. He’s also an extremely talented photographer.


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