Revisit: Gallery Inn

05.05.2015 | by: Meghan

The lovely Justine Hand (from designskool and a contributing editor at Remodelista) sent over these photos of her visit to the storied Gallery Inn — an eccentric, family-owned hotel in Puerto Rico that she discovered on designtripper — and they’re too good not to share. I love hearing from folks who have traveled somewhere after reading about it here.


Some other things on my travel mind lately:
The Porcupine Mountains. Thinking about making the trip this summer.
Canvas tents in Moab.
Painted walls in Lisbon.
An old bar reborn as a vacation house.
My summer reading list.
Quarry swimming in Maine.


25 Comments on “Revisit: Gallery Inn”

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  2. Great location! It should feature in the next Bond Movie! How amazing to be able to create such a courtyard space without having to worry about rain all the time (I am from the UK!)


  3. This hotel is full of character and old charm. I first thought it was in Italy.


  4. Decorating the outside of a home is just as important as the inside. Great pictures and ideas for making a grand entrance!


  5. The design is heavily vintaged. A very-well maintained place. They can only be seen rarely these days. Thanks for sharing!


  6. What a stunning, beautiful old hotel. I love the choice of color! It reminds me so much of the stunning colors I just saw on my trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Thanks for the fantastic post!


  7. Thank you for sharing. It looks like one of those places you like to share but don’t really want to give away either. The vibe, textures and vintage feel is spectacular.


  8. Wow this is absolutely beautiful, such a homey looking feel to the decor.


  9. Wow this is absolutely beautiful, such a homey look to the decor amazing!


  10. This place looks incredible, I want to go there!


  11. A place that invites you to read and ponder about life.
    A bit quirky, a bit romantic, a bit decadent, I like it!
    i like the logo of your blog too, very clever.


  12. I so miss your posts! Please return to cyber world soon 🙂


  13. Where have you been? Meghan! Meghan!?


  14. An eccentric hotel indeed. But it looks absolutely breathtaking. The rooms, the wheel, the couch, even the pillows and the paintings and the chains and… Wow!


  15. This place looks like it’s taken from a movie. Great and exotic location!


  16. I really love the little “pool” outside! Thank you for sharing.


  17. I was amazed on how they preserve all of these stuff.. Its so nice seeing those ancient stuff from that is really rare to find now a days.


  18. WOW! very beautiful. The pool and the paintings outside are very nice, and what a great idea.


  19. My family loved Puerto Rico so much. The narrow, blue cobblestone streets, the shops, the beaches, and everything else. We rented an apartment in San Juan when we went, but the next time we go we’re definitely staying here.


  20. Thanks for sharing this!


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