12.24.2013 | by: Meghan
Homes to Stay

Stay: Clum House

Catskill, New York

While visiting a dear friend in New York City a couple weekends ago (well before this weekend’s rainy winter solstice), we decided to scoot upstate for a night or two to hole up and catch up. We needed some space, we both reckoned, to spread out and breathe and walk in crisp air over crunchy leaves. Once we got to our destination–a beautifully rehabbed girls’ camp building with lots of natural wood, plants, and mismatched textiles–it was a foregone conclusion: We asked if we could stay another night before the first 24 hours had passed. It’s that kind of place.

Owned and rehabbed by Brooklyn-based architect Kevin Lindores and his partner Daniel, who also works in design, the three-bedroom hideaway could not have better suited our weekend of unapologetic lounging, eating and talking.  I did much of the cooking, and my friend was the designated fire-builder–the extent of our duties, save for the welcome, shared responsibility of baby-holding (and cooing and cheek-pinching). My living room throne was a custom linen-upholstered, daybed-inspired bench that stretches the entire length of the living room. There was a lot of wine, and a lot of landscape gawking through perfectly placed windows, giving way to knockout views that, on this particular weekend, made the Manhattan skyline seem almost trivial in comparison. Behind the house, a forested view of the mountains stretched out with colors that seemed to change by the hour. When we arrived, it was the tail-end of autumn–crispy, tawny leaves underfoot against a foggy backdrop of bright green evergreens. By the time we left, there was a magical dusting of snow covering the backyard, the branches, the old stone hedges, and it felt like we had endured the changing of the seasons through one meandering, endless conversation in front of the fireplace. It made me think about how much I’ve come to appreciate the in-between-ness of the seasons–those uncharacteristic days that seem to defy, waffle between and hover, and how I so rarely get a chance to consider such frivolities.

Sometimes you have to remember to stop moving–a place like this certainly helps. Clum House is available for reservations at airbnb.com.

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  2. How cute is that !


  3. Beautiful home. Very rustic yet classic setting and extremely cozy. I believe I spot an original Gabbeh Persian rug. They have very good taste.


  4. There is a sense of peace in every photo. Old but new.


  5. I love your writing. I so want to go away! Even if I just temporarily escape through your words, in this moment that feels very satisfying.


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  7. The clum house is looking awesome. The amazing wood work make me just wowww. It’s really a very beautiful home, that inspires me a lot. I loved the selection of interiors, the lightning, table lamps etc. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful pictures of the home.


  8. The clum house is looking awesome. The amazing wood work make me just wowww. It’s really a very beautiful home, that inspires me a lot. I loved the selection of interiors, the lightning, table lamps, the sofas, the floor lamps etc. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful pictures of the home.


  9. What a cozy hideaway! Nice house, its interior definitely goes with the surroundings


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