06.12.2013 | by: Meghan
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Round-Up: Yurts

A few weeks ago, we went camping in Canada. Kind of. Scenario: Tent packed, lantern oil filled, rhubarb crumble baked and ready to warm over the fire, and there’s an unexpected hitch. Temps teasing low 30s on Memorial Day weekend and two young boys in tow. I couldn’t bear the crestfallen faces of last-minute cancellation disappointment, so we rented a yurt with bunks and a heater, and despite all misgivings about fake camping, shoddy, aesthetically displeasing shelter and interior lattice overload, it was absolutely delightful. All the perks of camping–immersed in nature, blazing campfire, no modern distractions–but none of the discomfort. Now I’m on a bit of a research bender about yurts and yurt-like accommodations and thought I’d share some of my findings. (Of course, for a rustic, no-frills yurt experience that’s all about the nature surrounding it and not the decor, just check national parks  and campground sites for options in the US and Canada. They’re everywhere–and perfect.)

Amazing-looking collection of yurts in southern Norway called the Canvas Hotel.

It’s not for rent, sadly–at least that I’m aware of–but check out this glass and stone yurt built by Micky Muennig in Big Sur in 1976.

Airbnb offers a decent collection of yurts in the US and around the world. Overlooking the foothills of Sierra Nevada, this one in Andalusia, Spain looks particularly compelling.

I’m not sure I’d forego a stone cottage or old farmhouse in France for a yurt, but you never know. If so, Le Camp would certainly be the place.

Everyone knows all about El Cosmico already, right? The de facto hipster playground/campground of Marfa? In case not, these yurt-like things stand alongside the airstreams, teepees and safari tents.


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  1. that glass & stone yurt = AMAZING!!!


  2. Agree with Crista – that glass & stone design is fabulous!


  3. Wow!!! I second that, glass and stone yurt just mind blowing.. and of course the old farmhouse/stone cottage too…


  4. Agreed! I’m fascinated with Muennig’s genius yurt design, too, and totally want to build one! It reminds me of the trulli houses in Pugia.


  5. I have been searching for yurt rentals in OH/MI for the last hour, and…. Thought I would come over here to see if you had any suggestions. Lo and behold! I am in Toledo and in need of a short late summer get away with kiddos. If I can’t find the perfect yurt, Honor and Folly will be in the running!


  6. I’m totally drooling over the stone and glass yurt. Can you imagine laying there looking up at the stars, or a rain storm for that matter!? Sounds divine…


  7. Very good idea and mind blowing tent creation for enjoying your trip with complete relax and facilities


  8. Orchas Island, WA. Alternative camping. see what you think?



  9. amazing!! love the views of the nature. how romantic will it be to spend a night here with your spouse?? lanterns, blazing campfire, in a glass yurt!! a dream come true!!


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  11. These yurts are so beautiful. The pics are adorable. I so want to buy them. :)


  12. Staying in a yurt is better than anything you can imagine! Hard to forget the cozy evening ambience when you sit beside the oil stove..I know that yurt sounds small and compact, but I was surprised to find out that it wasn´t. It was really spacious and bright. Complete with a great bbq on the porch. An experience I would love to repeat!


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