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  1. I lived, studied and worked in Civita in 1976 as a participant in the University of Washington Architecture in Rome, and Italian Hill Town programs. Professor Emeritus Astra Zarina was instrumental in keeping Civita a living and breathing entity since the early 1970’s, even as the residents were leaving and never to return. There is another option for enjoying a very special stay in Civita, and at the same time contribute to maintaining the fabric of Civita and it’s history. By becoming a member of NIAUSI, a Seattle based non-profit ( that is a sort of extension of the University programs. The institute provides on going academic fellowships and other events that contribute to sustaining Civita. For a relatively small donation, as a member you become eligible to stay in one of four apartments that have been restored under the auspices of Professor Zarina and the Institute. This is a rare opportunity for an authentic slow travel experience with the added benefit of being a traveller who gives back. A trip to the website will describe the member stay opportunities.


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