Check In: The Bivouac

Masham, England
07.11.2012 | by: Meghan

I was recently introduced to The Common Pursuit–a new-ish visual compendium of places to stay–after they plucked a bunch of locations from designtripper, including Honor & Folly, for their well-designed, photos-only site. They also featured a couple places I had never seen before, the most impressive a creative woodland retreat in Yorkshire. Tucked into the 20,000-acre Swinton Estate, The Bivouac is dotted with creative, rustic shacks constructed with traditional round-wood timber framing techniques, a few yurts, and some old farm buildings, which have been restored and now house the reception, shop, camping barn and cafe.  Windy Smithy wood stoves, antique rocking chairs, well-worn and handcrafted everything create a snug, outdoorsy-hipster-approved interior with activities to match: wild food foraging, falconry, bread-making workshops, mountain biking and even forrest school (build a den in the woods!). I say this with utmost admiration: this place is a magazine spread in waiting. Kinfolk? Unless Anthropologie gets to it first.


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