06.14.2012 | by: Meghan

Round-Up: A New Batch of Favorites

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since designtripper was featured in this The New York Times story about curated travel a couple weeks ago. Every since, I’ve been inundated with an endless stream of submissions detailing farmhouses, country b&bs, family summer cottages, mountain yurts, mammoth island complexes, and even a floating ferry boat house. While I’m certainly not complaining, there’s no way I can possibly write about all of them–much less visit (although thank you very much for all the lovely invitations). I did, however, finally have time to sift through hundreds of beautiful photos and browse websites. Below, a quick round-up of some of my favorites.

1. Located on a 150-year-old family farm in rural New York (the Genesee River Valley), the Granary is a charming, three-bedroom country guesthouse that once housed wheat and oats. Now, it’s a simple retreat surrounded by wildflowers and wide open farmland, which cultivates hay, corn, wheat, rye, organic vegetables and lavender.

2. The Maison d’Être is a four-bedroom house in rural France dating back to the 1500s. Set in the ancient village of St. Cirq Lapopie (a World Heritage site) and surrounded by an ancient stone wall, the place has the medieval fairytale aesthetic pretty much nailed.

3. A family-run hotel in Oia, Santorini, Greece, Esperas Traditional Houses have 18 suites, studios and cave houses built into the sides of the cliffs overlooking the fishing village of Ammoudi. It hardly matters–given gasp-inducing views of the Aegean Sea–but I really love how imperfect and traditional the interiors look.

4. New York-based brothers Ronan and Colin Hannan opened this small, luxurious hotel in a western Belize rainforest a few years ago. My favorite detail is that they hired local carpenters to handmake all the furniture from local hardwoods.

5. I will stay here one day, mark my words (I’m the daughter of a Navy man, who knows every story of every significant boat to sail the American waters in the last hudred-plus years).  The first ferryboat on Puget Sound, the SS  City of Seattle, now called the Yellow Ferry, is a 116-year-old, double-ender, side-wheel ferry boat berthed in Sausalito. It has been in the same family for 55 years, but sadly, the owner passed away a couple months ago. As a result, her children, who can’t bear the thought of selling the place, have made it available for rent–and if the history isn’t compelling enough, the interiors are spectacular. Please stay here.

6. You can never have enough places tucked away for your next trip to New York City. This Federalist townhouse is located in the West Village and has a pretty fantastic atrium-like living room and lush rooftop terrace.

[This also seems like a good time to mention my editorial policy: Content cannot be bought. I have never been paid to write about a specific place. I have done a couple sponsored posts, but I choose where I stay and what I write about. Thank you again for all your interest!]

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