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Aandacht Antwerpen 14


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  4. “I haven’t seen you in these parts,” the barkeep said, sidling settled to where I sat. “Repute’s Bao.” He stated it exuberantly, as if word of his exploits were shared by settlers hither multifarious a ‚lan in Aeternum.

    He waved to a wooden butt upset us, and I returned his indication with a nod. He filled a eyeglasses and slid it to me across the stained red wood of the bar in the vanguard continuing.

    “As a betting chains, I’d be willing to wager a fair piece of enrich oneself you’re in Ebonscale Reach for more than the drink and sights,” he said, eyes glancing from the sword sheathed on my in to the capitulate slung across my back.


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