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Giveaway: Weekend at Winvian

Morris, Connecticut

Designtripper is thrilled to offer a weekend getaway to the ultimate countrified escape: the Winvian. Located in the Litchfield area of Connecticut, these playfully luxe cabins are spread across 113 beautiful, wooded acres–and sit directly beside 4,000 more, all accessible for hiking, biking, horseback riding, fly-fishing. Each of the completely unique 18 freestanding cabins is decorated to reflect its loose, kind of quirky theme–like the Beaver Lodge, which features a giant, actual beaver lodge-cum-art-installation hanging above the bed, the Artist Cottage or the Stable. The super-lucky winner will have a six-month window to pick their weekend, so you can cozy up in the Log Cabin this winter or wait until spring and stay in the Treehouse, which is perched between a group of maples. There’s also a spa, restaurant and garden on-site.

We’re leaving the contest open all week. To enter (one entry per person, please), leave a comment below. We’ll close comments this Friday, February 18 at 5pm EST and announce the winner in this space Monday morning. Winners picked at random.

More nitty-gritty: The window of certificate validity ends six months from the date of winning. Black-out dates will apply (holiday weekends, etc.). Valid for two adults only.  The stay will be two nights in a tier 1 or tier 2 cottage with a possible upgrade to a tier 3 cottage based on availability upon arrival. Breakfast daily and one dinner for two also included (excluding wine).

Thanks and good luck!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful place and a wonderful trip!


  2. Sounds amazing! I’ve actually never been in a treehouse and would love for theirs to be my first.


  3. Can’t believe I did “like” you on Facebook earlier by the way!


  4. Yes please, I’d love to spend the weekend here! I’ll “like” you right now!


  5. I am so glad to know about this spot. What a perfect destination spot and I hope I win the weekend. Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


  6. Looks like the perfect place for a relaxing getaway! Sign me up! :)


  7. how awesome! i would love to take my fiance here for a weekend.


  8. This gorgeousness just bumped Litchfield up on my adventure list!


  9. What a beautiful weekend retreat!


  10. My wife turned me on to you guys. I love the pictures. I just wish we could travel to all of the places.


  11. Oh wow does this look like a lovely place to spend a weekend!


  12. sounds just right! i would LOVE a new england getaway right about now :)


  13. Looks like a great place! I miss New England… Love this site so much!

    I just sent the Ramblas hotel from your last post to my sister since she is going to Barcelona for work in a few weeks. She’s going to try and stay there:)


  14. Would love to stay in the helicopter suite… :-)


  15. Looks amazing! Just “liked” you on FB. Hope I win. :)


  16. Please transport me to this cozy, relaxation haven!


  17. What a great blog, newest in my reader! Can’t wait to see more!


  18. Oh my goodness, what a great get away! My fiance would love me forever if I took him here. :) Good luck everyone…but I hope I win this one. :)


  19. Ceiling of Secret society, the sinks at Woodland, the fireplace in the Spa, the Library living room… oh please.


  20. i need a vacation — hook me up designtripper :)


  21. looks amazing!


  22. Oh, love it. The fiance and I could use a free weekend away (well, we’d have to pay for a plane ticket…).


  23. looks fabulous!! perfect getaway from nyc..


  24. I “liked” you on fb….and now I see why :) Amazing site!


  25. we just moved from new england to nebraska and miss it so much! we would love to get back for a vacation!!


  26. “Liked” – this place looks amazing!


  27. Looks like the perfect getaway.


  28. My husband and I would be delighted to have a night away. It’s been more then three years—thanks to our Darling children. Oh I would absolutely LOVE to win this and surprise him!


  29. Yes, I hope we win! What an awesome trip!


  30. Ooooo….just the kind of get-away my husband and I dearly need. Would love to bring the 5 children…but, alas that will have to wait til next time..;)


  31. Looks like an amazing getaway!!


  32. And I SO need a vacation (thanks to my 3 beautiful children)…. do I HAVE to bring my husband with me, or can I just spend a weekend all by myself?


  33. Wow, I would love, love, love this trip. Never been to the Northeast of the country. would love to have this trip for my husband and I


  34. drooling over this incredible vacation spot… cannot imagine having the opportunity to do this – our last vacation was well before our son was born. what an incredible, creative, unique experience.

    pick me?


  35. Winvian looks like a very special place! Thank you for highlighting it !


  36. This looks like a fabulous place for peace and quiet. Serene with comfort and class.


  37. The Winvian looks absolutely fabulous! You can tell that such attention to detail was put into the place. It really looks like an ideal getaway for visitors from near or far.


  38. What a perfect getaway! Love the idea of staying in a treehouse.


  39. That looks like a little slice of heaven — Valentine’s Day or any day.


  40. Never thought I’d be dreaming of a Connecticut getaway…but here I am, dreaming of a Connecticut getaway.
    Your website is the greatest!!


  41. Looks like a perfect 10-year-anniversary getaway for my husband and I. Looks just lovely.


  42. Mmmm… I’m relaxed already.


  43. What a great giveaway!!! Oh how this would so nice to get out and get away! I would love to take my mom here.


  44. You are SO liked on Facebook. This contest is FANTASTIC!


  45. I would love to win this to surprise my husband! I like you on facebook.


  46. Yeehaw! It’s our 5th anniversary this year and after baby we need to get outta Chicago. I liked you on Facebook and joined the group (?) too.


  47. I like you! I really really like you!! Your photos, site and contest are all very LIKEable!


  48. What a great, unique spot (although the same can be said about most of your posts!). Would love a weekend getaway!


  49. love these cabins, love your blog. love love love.


  50. this looks incredible. So glad to have just found this site!


  51. oh i dream…


  52. Vacation!!!! Here we come :)


  53. I live in Chicago and would love to take a break from the city, head east and enjoy a pastoral setting in Connecticut! Looks fabulous!


  54. Looks great!


  55. Winvian take me away!


  56. Liked, on Facebook and in real life! Looks like a beautiful place and sounds like fun!


  57. Beautiful! Hope I get to go!


  58. Fingers crossed!


  59. Perfect escape from the city – yes please!


  60. me. me. me!


  61. pick me!


  62. sign me up!!.


  63. oh boy, oh boy, I hope I win this sounds amazing! I’ve been “liking” you on Facebook for quite a while now…


  64. oh, i can’t wait for my weekend getaway.


  65. A cottage in the woods for a weekend getaway sounds like a perfect summer trip…definitely sign me up!


  66. Love your site and would love to spend a weekend at Winvian!


  67. Looks beautiful! Great posting and I’d love to make a trip there.


  68. Would be a nice getaway for any couple!!!


  69. “like” your site and love the look of this Winivan!


  70. What an amazing deal! Pick me!!!


  71. I’M AN O.G.>LIKER<


  72. wow…looks like a dream vacation


  73. This looks beautiful!


  74. Great site, would be nice to win this…


  75. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place! Would love to pay a visit.


  76. I could use a relaxing weekend getaway right now.


  77. Spending a weekend in any of the cottages would be fabulous. My personal vote would be the Beaver Lodge! Winvian is an adult 5 star playland – it doesn’t get much better!


  78. Such an amazing giveaway! Winvian is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stayed at.. One night last year, and I left my heart there!
    The room (cottage!), the food, the hospitality of the staff.. I’d be the happiest guy on Earth if I could go back!!!


  79. One of the most beautiful areas in Connecticut, I’d love to stay there!


  80. Pick me! Pick me! It’s so beautiful there, the stuff dreams are made of!


  81. looks relaxing would love to go


  82. Sounds wonderful!


  83. I could use a nice weekend away!!!


  84. Like like like. This looks like an absolute dream.


  85. i am determined to win this!! i really need a vacay


  86. ~~ I would love a peaceful getaway at Winvian! Such a unique place, right here in Connecticut! :D


  87. My friend went here last year and said it was AMAZING!!!! Kids loved it:)


  88. I would LOVE to win this! What a great website!


  89. This looks awesome!


  90. Hola – we’d love to visit Connecticut! Can’t wait to see who wins…


  91. Love the East Coast! And you website :)


  92. Yay Connecticut!


  93. Design tripper, you’re the best.


  94. Just what I need after this winter!


  95. With the stress in life, I can just imagine this getaway to renew my spirit. Hope you pick me. :)


  96. Pick me. Pick me. Winvian is my alltime, absolute favorite place to stay in the world! It’s a place of romantic escapes and haute hospitality. It’s a dream trip. It’s the maker of great stories and fabulous tales by the watercooler. I will tell those tales, I promise!


  97. a perfectly poetic place to wistfully escape to. thank you for sharing!


  98. A little place called ‘Heaven’ in Connecticut…….what a lifetime treat this would be!


  99. Ahhhhhhh …. I feel refreshed just reading about this whimsical getaway. :-)


  100. You are in the Best region of New England


  101. Hi! My name is Rhea! I’m going to be spending my next two years in Bosnia and Herzegovina and this would be such an amazing fantastic getaway :)


  102. This looks great and the tree house is almost as wonderful as the ones you have in Sweden.


  103. I just adore your site. I came across it today and I cannot wait to get away. What beautiful ‘finds’ you’ve posted, I look forward to reading about your next adventure. Winvian would be the perfect respite from the kids for my 10 year anniversary. I think I shall stay there whether I win or not.


  104. The hotel looks fantastic and would be a wonderful place to spend our 22nd anniversary. Looking forward to the call.


  105. Amazing place!! Fingers crossed . . .


  106. Fantastic!


  107. These are charming and original. Would love to visit!


  108. Litchfield Hills = heavenly.


  109. With the student loans that I have – wow would I love a vacation at a place like this! Sign me up! :)


  110. This looks incredible. I’m already dreaming …


  111. Looks like an amazing vacation spot!


  112. I have been obsessing about this place for years. Each cabin on the property looks insane. The uniqueness and attention to detail is incredible. I am crossing my fingers my husband and I win this. Nothing would make us happier.


  113. Pick me! Pick me!


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